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General Forum Rules

Post by Alpha-Inceptor on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:00 pm

Note: WIP

I. Forum Rules:
A. The 10 commandments of the LS-Darknet:
1. Please keep inappropriate language to a minimum.
Straightforward enough. Words which carry more weight than "damn, hell, or piss" are prohibited.
2. English only on the forums. Non-English posts are strictly prohibited.
Straightforward enough. Foreigner? Google Translate. It's that simple. If we notice an unusually high amount of non-English speaking people on the forums which come from a certain region, then we will impose COUNTRY-WIDE BANS. You read that correctly. If you are a non-English speaker, then please use Google Translate for the respect of your people of your country.
3. Flaming, Spam, Trolling, and Derailing are prohibited.
Straightforward enough.
4. Personal attacks (targeting) is NOT allowed.
Straightforward enough.
5. No NSFW. Keep the forums at about a PG-13 or 15+ Level.
Straightforward enough.
6. Do not impersonate admins. Backseat moderation is discouraged, however the admin or official moderator will have the final say.
Straightforward enough.
7. Do not attempt to spread viruses or malware.
If you try to distribute malware to other players' computers, you will be banned. Before uploading your file(s), be sure to scan it with VirusTotal / Jotti's Malware Scan.
8. Scamming is STRICTLY prohibited.
Straightforward enough.
9. Any attempts to evade a ban will result in IP-Banning.
Straightforward enough.
10. And, duh, Have fun.
Of course.

II. Guidelines

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